Brews for people with celiac's (another gluten free thread)

I was looking into gluten free beers and have to say that I have yet to try a sorghum based brew that I enjoyed. There’ve been mixed results when it comes to clarity ferm. Anyone have any successful recipes or results they’d be willing to throw down? My landlord has celiac’s and I was looking to do a little brown nosing before letting her know we have a pet :smiley:

The only gluten-free beer I liked at all was Black Wattle. Apparently it isn’t brewed anymore, but you may look into using wattle seeds in your own brew.

My sister was recently diagnosed with Celiac’s, so I have been thinking along the same lines. I haven’t found a recipe I wanted to try yet, but I figure a significant late hop addition should help with the flavor. Everything I’ve seen available commercially has pretty much been the same generic style of “beer”. Maybe a gluten free IPA would be better.

Cheggit. Clarity Ferm. If the gluten allergy is really extreme, <20ppm is still going to cause some problems, but my understanding is that most people with Celiacs can tolerate a little. My sister has it, and will occasionally have a Christmas cookie or something like that.

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Hard cider! It isn’t beer but it’s homemade its good and it gf

Brewer’s Best now has a gluten free kit.