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Brews Brothers Series Netflix

If you need more shows to binge during the quarantine this new series, Brews Brothers, dropped on Netflix today. I think I’ll check it out later.


Started to watch this last night. Only lasted about 15 minutes before I turned it off. Perhaps I will revisit but it was a bit too stupid for me.

You could always go back to the soporific “Narrowboats”. Very soothing and calming …zzzzzzzzz

Hmmmm. Not a bad idea in these times.


I forced myself to watch the whole first episode because I figured it HAD to get better or no one would have actually aired it. 15 minutes into the second episode I realized I was wrong.

It’s beyong sophomoric in humor and just plain bad. I’m not that desperate for entertainment.

Narrowboats is a classic in comparison.

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Watched good,bad and the ugly last night… 3 hour show… Many brews…

With Clint? That’s an oldie.

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Re-watching The Sopranos and Sneaky Pete…

I’m about to finish the last couple episodes of Ozark season 3. First few episodes felt slow compared to seasons 1 and 2 but it’s getting real now…

I’ve been working my way through Picard on Prime. Kind of slow too. Hmmm…maybe it’s just my mood but i keep falling asleep on it and my wife who’s a star trek fan wasn’t interested after episode 1.

Westworld is another that seems to put me to sleep but my kids all rave about it. I haven’t gotten through season 1 yet.

Loving the last few episodes of Better Call Saul.

Sneaky Pete is awesome! I may have to rewatch that too.

Now… My wife is going to start watching “Cheers”… Not a bad choice! Sneezles61

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No Peaky Blinders fans?

We watched the whole first season last week. That was a great show.

And there’s beer involved… Do you suppose that was near beer? BMC anyways…
I like comedy stuff, my wife likes the fuzzy puppy, kitty stuff… :/… So I was nicely suprized she enjoyed watching!

She wouldn’t like Peaky Blinders then

My wife had forgotten about Coach and I had forgotten that in the early episodes they portrayed Norm as a total lush.

It showed promise for about 5 minutes… I had to turn it off. I like how narrowboats is a point of comparison. :stuck_out_tongue:


you made it farther than I did! Proof that not everything connected with beer is a good thing

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We just got going watching Ozark. About three episodes so far. Not bad. I have been reading more since we have no place to go out to, both a good thing.

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Oh you haven’t even gotten a feel for Ozark yet believe me. It gets crazy. The first two seasons are fantastic. The third starts out slow for me but holy cow what a finale! All three season finales have been mind blowing. Even the third which I saw only going one way is just so jarringly shot and executed. I’m going to watch all 3 over very soon.

Yellowstone is excellent too. The first season of Altered Carbon is good. Taboo with Tom Hardy is awesome but I’ve heard season 2 may not happen. Lost in Space 2 very good seasons. Vikings of course.

Hunters with Al Pacino has been entertaining thus far. Amazon prime

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