Brewing ?

Hello what beer’s really benefit from reamping up Temps near the end of fermentation???

It’s really about the yeast strain you are using. Some yeast strains produce various compounds/flavors at higher temperatures that are desirable in certain styles or with certain alcohol levels/malt bills/hop combinations.

The most common is Saison with a very high finish (>80F). In the summer, you can control the temp for the first few days and then let it run wild. Where I am in VA, I’m saving my Saison for July when I can ferment it for two days under temperature control and then let it run away until I hit my attenuation target.

Some of the big belgian quads using Westmalle strains can benefit from a run up to 80F+, but the yeast is notorious for shutting down if you try and arrest a runaway fermentation.

Stan Hieronymus wrote a great book “How to Brew Like a Monk” that has two very nice tables for popular Belgian strains (from White Labs and Wyeast) and their flavor behavior at different fermentation temperatures.