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Brewing with malt extract

Hello there brewers,

I am used to brewing for distillation, mainly from sugar and fruit juice. I am new to beer brewing. Although I know the basics of brewing with malted grain and hops, I have no idea about using extract. I just received 3.1 lbs of Mallards malts amber malt extract syrup and variety of hop pellets and yeasts (both liquid and dry).

Can someone with experience guide me a little to start my wart. How much water to add to the syrup? boil time,? what kind of hops may be best suited for amber malt etc.

Thanks in advance.

Here’s a good place to start:

You might want to go to NB’s 1 Gallon Recipe Kits. Click on “additional Information” and choose “Recipes”. It will give you the step by step process. The 3 lb can of malt extract you have is more conducive to a smaller brew.

+1 Check out any the kits that NB has for sale, they post their recipe and step-by-step guide in .pdf format (which is totally awesome). There steps are easy to follow and may help you a long a little better if you find the specific recipe you’re trying to brew for example, I sometimes design my own recipes but will look at similar style kit recipes for guidance.

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