Brewing with fruit puree (GUAVA)

I’m brewing a Hefeweizen and plan on adding Guava in the form of a puree.

How do I sanitize the fruit. I was thinking on putting the Guava in a blender with a little Vodka.

Any Suggestions?

I’ve added Kiwi fruit to a wheat beer. Washed, pealed the skin and pureed it. Nothing else added.

Reading the Wiki page, looks like the whole fruit can be eaten, like an apple or pear. Depending on the verity, the skin could be bitter or sweet.

If you peal or not, I would wash and puree. Sanitize the blender with StarSan. Some Vodka if it needs help liquifying would be fine.

As long as it’s cut with a sanitary knife on a sanitary surface and the peel is removed then you’d have to go out of your way to botch the situation. Just pitch it. Everyone here has used odds’n’ends in the secondary with little to no effort at one point in time or another. I doubt there are any infection stories to relay. :cheers: and good luck with the guava-weizen