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Brewing with electrolytes

Interesting read about brewing beer with electrolytes to reduce hangover effects. ... ?hpt=hp_c4

Wow, its the electrolytes but they had to cut the ABV in half. Sounds like a load of crap, and some crappy beer.

Yes alcohol is a diuretic and it makes you lose water, but you could always drink a bunch of water before going to bed, and keep a glass on the nightstand for a late night swig. I do this and it helps a little, but when you over-indulge you’re going to pay the price.

I love how articles like this always refer to the “scientists”. I will let my taste buds do the judging, but this sounds like gimmicky garbage, the opinion and expertise of the “scientists” notwithstanding.

Stay hydrated BEFORE any booze, and don’t drink sugary garbage. That is the way to avoid hangovers. 1-2 liters of water per day MINIMUM, more if you are going to be boozing it up, or even having a few beers.

Hangovers are my b1tch.

Sounds like someone needs to do a full-strength batch of “Gatorade Wit” and see how they fare after a few pints.

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