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Brewing Witbier extract; suggestions for more spice?

Hi all,

This weekend I plan on brewing a Wit bier extract recipe and I would like to give it a little bit of a spice note (more than the coriander I’m already adding will give it). I don’t want the spice note to be overwhelming, but I would like it to be noticeable.
Has anyone tried this or does anyone have any suggestions on how I could achieve this extra little spice kick? Would adding a touch more coriander work or is there another ingredient that might work?


I’ve done NB’s witbeir several times. i tried one from this forum commonly known as the best witbeir ever. it’s all grain, but here’s the spices i used but I scaled it down to a 3 gallon recipe:
9 black pepper corns
0.45 ounce corriander seed
0.30 ounce bitter orange peel
0.30 ounce sweet orange peel
Grind above together and add at 5.

0.4 ounce chamomile at 0 (flame out)

Search this forum for “Wit or Witout” for the original recipe and 5 gallon amounts. oh, and for the record, it is the best witbeir ever!


This will be my first time brewing Witbier extract. Curious about the orange peel and coriander. Do they stay in the primary for the entire fermentation stage?



Not if you’re careful and keep them in the pot,
They should be added at flameout, right before you turn off the heat.
Either strain them out or pour carefully to keep them out of the fermenter.
But if some/all do make it in, it’s NBD.

The spices and orange peel are course ground and added to the boil and become part of the crud at the end of the boil. unless you pour all of the cooled wort plus crud into your fermentor, there shouldn’t be much in the fermentor. but even if you do, as scottmiller said, it’s no big deal.


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