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Brewing water?

Hello I am on a well where i live an I beem told that it goes thouth a water softern now i know an read that water from softern is a bad idea to brew with because of the whatever it dose … now i think the only thing i can do now is use all spring water for my brewing yes i am a all grain brewer … I realy don’t want to get into the building water here i just want to keep it as easy as possibe … Now let say that I want to brew a pilsner a Northern german one now what do i do with spring water to make it match what i trying to brew without geting to complex ??? any help would be helpful …

William, that is just hard to read. A few more punctuations would be helpful. :oops:

Do you have a faucet that is pre water softener?

When you say spring water, do you mean bottled water from the store?

yes when i say spring water i mean bottle water an no i can’t get unsofter water from my well

I’ve never adjusted my water. With that said…

It’s difficult to tell what to do to water without knowing what you are starting with. You might want to order a Ward Labs analysis (w5/6) of your water to see where you sit, even with the water softener.

Same with the Spring water. Depending on the supplier, the makeup can be different.

Someone might be able to give you an idea on a small tweak to make. I would go ahead a brew it with either water. I think you will be pleased with the results.

Buy distilled or RO ( Reverse Osmosis) water from your grocery store and mix in 3/4 teaspoon Gypsum, and brew away. Without knowing the mineral content of your spring water it is pretty tough to advise you. If you don’t have Gypsum, just brew with the spring water and see if you like your results. :cheers:

I would make sure that the spring water is not simply RO (it must state RO if it starts with that and has had minerals added back), if not simply RO, I would brew with it and see what happens, meanwhile you should be able to request the numbers from the spring water company and you can post them here for someone like Martin Brungard to advise you.

Good luck .

To check the mineral content of water you buy, take a look at .

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