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Brewing Velvet Rooster

I’m going to make the Velvet Rooster extract kit, and I was wondering if it’s best to pour in all of the extract syrup at the beginning, like the instructions say. Or should I wait until the end of the boil to pour in half of the extract. And should the entire boil last 60 minutes, as per the instructions?

Wait until near the end of the boil (around 15 minutes or so) for half the extract to keep the color lighter. You will need to boil for the full 60 minutes to keep your hop bittering and flavoring balanced.

I think you’ll like this beer. I did an extract recipe of this a few months back and it turned out very nice. I’m getting ready to do my own all grain recipe for this, hopefully this weekend. Welcome to the forums and good luck with your brew day! :cheers:

Good, this is how I’ll do it then. Thanks for the help. :cheers:

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