Brewing TV

What happened to it? Has not been a new video in a long time.

Brewing TV will be returning, but without Chip, Mike and Jake. Chip has just launched this project:

From the Brewing TV Facebook page:

[quote]Fire up your burners and prepare for re-entry, brewers! In 2013, Northern Brewer will relaunch Brewing TV in a brand new format featuring our extended family of expert brewmasters , an array of guest hosts…and YOU!

Because the only thing brewers love as much as brewing is talking about brewing…sharing knowledge, passing along tried and true techniques, and finding that common ground that brings all brewers together. Brewing TV was created to give home brewers a chance to keep that conversation going. And that’s why we’re committed to supporting and expanding BrewingTV in 2013.

Brewing TV will release at least 10 new episodes in 2013, roughly every month, plus several bonus seasonal specials throughout the year. We’ll be tapping our own ranks of Brewmasters so you’ll be meeting a variety of new hosts, in addition to special guest

Best of all, we’re rebooting Brewing TV to feature more of YOU. Have an idea for an episode? Send it in. Want to share your own brew day highlights (or bloopers)? Grab your video camera and DIY.

We can’t promise that all viewer submissions will make the air. But in the true spirit of homebrewing, the best will rise to the top and be shared on Brewing TV for the enjoyment of all.

New episodes begin this spring. Watch the boards, tweets and shipments closely for clues. We’ll be planting hints and teasers in the weeks before each show airs, to give the BTV community a sneak peak at what’s in the works. Community is what you make it. Northern Brewer is committed to making the brew community the best it can be, by continuing to bring you the amazing production
values, content and brew personalities that make Brewing TV great.

So tune in, join in, and get brewin’ in 2013 with Brewing TV.[/quote]


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