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Brewing TV Worth Pale Ale Clone

Anyone ever brewed this? I plan on brewing it very soon:

Worth Pale Ale

5 Gallons
OG: 1.050
Total Grains: 8.75lb

Pale 2-Row 8lb
CaraMalt 40L 8oz
Special B 2 oz

Perle 14g 60 min 9.50% 24ibu
Cent 28g 15 min 8.70% 11ibu
Cascade 28g flameout
Cent 28g flameout

The only thing that threw me off was that their recipe and the website says this 1.050OG beer had an ibu count of 48. Seems pretty high for a pale ale, so I adjusted mine down to 35 ibus.

Any thoughts as to how it will come out? I’m mashing at 152F and using wyeast London 1968 yeast.

Looks like a nice APA. I’d probably dry hop with Cascade and/or Centennial, too.

Been in primary for 11 days now (fermentation finished 6 days ago). It smells great with the big hop finish.

Looking forward to trying a pint in a few weeks.

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