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Brewing today

hey all will be brewing 2 beers today hopefully. first up is my single malt single hop IPA version 2.0 and next up will be a chocolate chambord stout. im making these beers to go to the NHC club night. all there stop by the savannah brewers league booth and have a beer or too. anyone in the sylvania ga area can stop by today and have a beer and enjoy a brew day. call for directions 9 one 2 829 three 8 six seven. will be getting started around 1 pm

What malt and hop for the SMaSH IPA?

5 gal batch 15 lbs 2 row and 8 oz centenial whole leaf using the process in the last addition of BYO 2 oz at 60 and the remainder after the boil at just below 175 degrees to keep from boiling off the hop oils. got version 1.0 in the keg now and its good.

How long you letting it sit at 175F?

about 20 minutes then cooling to pitching temps. the first 2 oz of hops comes out at the end of the boil and the 6 oz late addition stay through fermentation. Its a different animal thats for sure you get a strong hop flavor and tons of aromatics.

Lower temp and shorter steep than most of us are using for a hopstand or whirlpool addition. I’m guessing that you don’t get a whole lot of IBUs out of it since the temp is so low.

im not sure but that was the thing in BYO that the oils and alfa acids will boil off about 175. but a longer stand would not hurt. but its pretty hoppy. its got more ibus than new belgiens ranger ipa far as i can taste.

Two oz of Centennial for bittering will get you to around 60 IBUs and Ranger is listed at 70, so you’re probably getting some IBUs from the steep.

brew 1 is over and cooling brew 2 heating mash water onward and upward

7 hours and 2 brews down and fermenting getting ready to send to the NHC in PA hopefully i will get a glass to taste before they leave my presents. :cheers:

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