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Brewing today?

I am. a rye porter with special B. it smells freakin’ awesome.

We went to the local pumpkin patch and I was won over by cheap fermentables. My special B is in a faux pumpkin Saison. (I used a butternut instead).
It is currently lautering but it’s looking good. It’s already dark out though. Makes for a haunting Hallowe’en boil… Perfect.

I wish I had. The weather was absolutely perfect. Too much yard work to do to get a brew in. Maybe tomorrow night.

Update - WAY off on my gravity. First time that’s happened in a while… Must be a poltergeist.

After a 6 month hiatus, I got back to brewing today. I brewed Denny’s Waldo Lake Amber Ale (all-grain).

Coincidentally, I drank the last of my homebrew in stock (Angel Wings Maibock from Brewing Classic Styles) tonight. Now I’ve got 4-ish weeks to wait until I can drink my homebrew again.

Brewing Tuesday. The Ska brewing Modus Hoperandi clone from the recent Jamil Show. Haven’t made an IPA in far too long.

I got to this thread a day late, but I brewed yesterday. The weather was perfect. The difficult part was getting it in while also catching the Chiefs game. But I figured it out–and they helped me by getting destroyed in the second half so I could step away early.

brewing a Wiezenbock in the morning. I’m excited!

just finished bugeaters raisin oatmeal cookie amber. instead of adding bourbon to the secondary i am going to age it in a whiskey barrel i have. ought to be reeeeally good.

note to self: Drive to NE & raid speed’s brew. and pick up some Cheetos.

edit: I decided to add one pound of rye. a Ryezenbock?

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