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Brewing the last "winter" kits today

I had one kit left over from my snowbird winter kit brewing. Back up north so AG starts soon.
The kit is the Dead Ringer. All Centennial hops and sounds great. So what beer is this supposed to be a clone of?

BTW I’m following the instructions on this one and not trying any short/no boil stunts.

Bell’s 2-hearted.

Thanks @porkchop Love that beer.

I have the Dead Ringer in the house year round.

So it should be easy enough to do AG. Caramel 40, two row maybe and lots of Centennial? 05 or 1056 yeast.

@hd4mark I would use wyeast 1272. This was a beer Bell’s sent a cease and desist letter to the host. Used to be called three hearted ale.

1272 is a good sub, but you can get their strain from Yeast Bay. Also, if you can get cans of oberon in your area, 3-4 tallboys usually have enough yeast in the bottom to make a single-step starter. If you can maintain sanitary conditions after four of them.

Don’t forget the Vienna in the grist!

OK 1272 it is, if I go with an AG. I kind of get burned out on IPAs lately so my typical 20 gallons might be too much. The kit only has Caramel. I assume the gold malt has Vienna in it? How much Vienna for 5 gallons (I learned how to multiply by four if I go twenty).

I’m not sure if I can get Oberon in cans locally, have seen bottles. Yeast in them too? I could get the starter wort ready and into a flask, sanitize and then decant each bottle or can into a glass one at a time and pour the dregs into the flask. I will call it a challenge to drink enough of them for a starter.

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For a 5-gallon batch I usually go with 10# pale malt, 2# Vienna, and 8oz C20. The bottles have lots of yeast as well, but I just prefer to drink it from cans. Their amber ale works well, too, as both amber and oberon are a little lower in alcohol and the yeast is a bit healthier.

That’s how I do it as well… plan on spending an evening drinking 3 or 4 of them, starter wort ready, decant into a glass and then swirl/add the dregs to the starter wort with a spray bottle of star-san at the ready. I get pretty sloppy after 4, so that’s my limit! :laughing:

Do have a weak wort to help your yeast start to prepare before you do a full starter… Keep your, repair wort, to the 1.025 area… I’ve done this with Duvel before I found out the yeast was available from Whites… Sneezles61

I think they had a different name for the kit before they had to change it because it was too close to two hearted.

Here is a pdf of the original Three Hearted Ale extract recipe if you’re into nostalgia.

Yes @loopie_beer explained it a few post up. Three Hearted ale. I couldn’t remember either. I only started doing kits again while dodging winter down south and couldn’t bring enough stuff to do AG. Keeps me brewing and honestly having a lot of fun with kits.

The carboy is stuck in a closet over the trap door to our un-heated crawl space. Bubbling away at 60° Shows how warm it is. Frost this morning.

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