Brewing Software Opinions

I have been brewing for a couple of years and have a few brews under my belt. Last year I went to all grain (BIAB) and am using the BIABacus calculator. I was wondering if anyone else uses it and how you like it. I wanted to ask you guys on this forum rather then the guys on the BIAB form since they are obviously a little bias toward that software. I don’t have any problems with it just wanted to get some unbiased opinions.

Not sure why a biab specific calculator is needed. Any strike water calculator woul work. As far as how much water it’s pretty simple. I use the amount of water I want for my boil for my mash water and then just do a pour over with the amount the grain absorbed. I don’t even calculate my grain absorption although that’s easy also. I just pull the bag and see what’s in the pot then just pour over the amount needed.

I use BeerSmith, bit of a learning curve, but once I dialed it in, it’s been spot on

BeerSmith 2

I guess I will eventually break down and buy BeerSmith. I used up the free trial so long ago I have forgotten if I really like it or not. Thanks for all the replies.

I use Brewers friend. I bought it , it’s pretty cheap. You can use it for free but can only save a limited amount of recipes. I guess that’s not really important since I write down my recipes anyway