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Brewing Smell

I am looking into brewing my first batch of beer. Only problem is I live in a small apartment and I’m worried about the brewing smell taking over the place. Can anyone give me some insight into how strong of a smell I can expect.


the only thing I can say is, “The stronger, the better”. raise an eyebrow & let your neighbors know there is beer beyond the “Big 3”.

My kids hate the smell.
Others like it and initially think you’re baking cookies/bread.

I’ve always brewed outdoors with a turkey fryer, so the “propane fume” stink is always mingled in. That said, you’ll start out with a nice grainy aroma but things change pretty quick when you start adding hops. I’ve never brewed indoors so I guess I have nothing to go on here! I’d be more worried about all of the moisture than the smell though. Give it a shot and see what happens. Just be SURE to avoid a boil-over. That reeks! Adding a couple drops of Fermcap-S Foam Stabilizer to the boil knocks the foam down. Happy Brewing!

[quote=“Scott Miller”]My kids hate the smell.

But like the taste of yeast. :wink:

I haven’t brewed inside for years, there is a distinctive smell, though. It’s not bad, unless you leave spent grains around too long.

I just did an extract kit indoors with the exhaust fan going the whole time and the smell wasn’t that bad and it didn’t linger and nor was moisture an issue.

Complete newbie here. My son and i just brewed our second batch today. My wife and daughter hate the smell but we both love it. I keep saying the wort would make a good soup starter it smells so good. Now we just did a recipe kit, but once the hour of boiling is done the aroma (not smell) dissapates pretty quickly.

Hope that helps.

There really is only one way to find out right?

Oo-ooo that smell, can’t you smell that smell? Sorry, Lynyrd Skynyrd fan.

I love the smell of the kettle when First Wort Hopping in the morning, it smells like victory!

Welcome to the forum.

it smells more like baking than it does like a dive bar.

Thanks for all of the help. I have decided to brew my first batch of beer in the next few weeks.

Maybe it’s me… but when the kettle is boiling and the first hops drop is done and the aroma is just out of this world… doesn’t the beer you’re having with the brew day just taste freakin’ fantastic?

The smell is great and will make you have an instant desire to drink a beer, if you are not already doing so. The smell goes away very quickly for those that do not like it.

I live in a condo and yes there is a smell. I really enjoy it! Bready, grain, beerish smell. It’s fantastic. I do keep the door to my porch open and it helps keep it to a minimum, but I notice when I go upstairs where the windows are closed, the smell sticks around a little longer. Again, I like it so it’s not an issue. The wife use to hate it, but it’s growing on her. I actually caught her smelling the boiling wort yesterday while I was brewing. Brought a tear to my eye :smiley:

Even with the windows/doors closed the smell won’t stick around more than a day.

I love it. Wife hates it. It took a while to convince her that the house wouldn’t smell like the LHBS/BOP, since my intention was to brew outside and ferment in a keezer. Even to those that like the smell, that place can be overwhelming on a warm evening.

My brother did his first batch in his kitchen… on Thanksgiving before guests arrived. He was “politely informed” it would be the last one he did inside.

I’ve always thought the smell was wonderful. So wholesome. I could never understand those who think it stinks.

I’ve had to go to work smelling of sweet grains more than once. No complaints here. :mrgreen:

I like the way it lingers in the garage and in my truck for a few days afterwards. My wife and daughter think it smells like baking bread … until I put the hops in and then it smells totally different.

My wife doesn’t like beer, says it causes her an adverse physical reaction to drink it. That being said, when I first started out I did extract stovetop brewing inside and while it bothered her a little it was never annoying enough for her to clear out of the house or demand I brew outside, and believe me, she would have had no trouble doing either. I moved outside when I went to all grain and full wort boils and domestic tranquility reigns. She’ll even help me bottle on occaison.

I’m only two batches into my homebrew hobby, but my wife was not too pleased with the smell after I brewed a batch of ‘Caribou Slobber’ yesterday. She didn’t mention a “smell problem” after a Grand Cru Belgian brew, so clearly it’s the ingredients that can impact that wonderful smell.

I just need to figure out how to dissipate the lovely aroma a little faster…

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