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Brewing session tonight

So got a extra fermentor. Yesterday. In the mail. For my kriek lambic brewing session. Tonight. Never made a cherrie beer. Curious how this comes out. Four months in secondary fermention. Pff reading the last book of brewing elements. Water. Me not a chemical degree but have to read it


What are you aging in?

Wooden barrel. See how the cherrie wood flav come out


Is it a new barrel? It might be a good idea to run a few beers through it to strip some of the oak flavors, otherwise it can get pretty overpowering.

I got a freshly dumped rum barrel a couple of years ago. First beer was in there for about two weeks, and had a pronounced oak/rum flavor. Second beer was about three months, and the third was in it for 6 months. The oak was still pretty potent after 6 months of aging in the barrel, but not offensive.

No second hand. It came from jack daniels

Water was a dry read, that’s for sure. I’m reading Malt now and it’s really well written. The “Indiana Jones of Malt” chapter was awesome. That guy was like Forrest Gump, always in the right or most interesting place!

Haha yes. The dude traveld the world. Did enjoy the malt yeast and hops book. Water book. Kind of boring. Think. John palmer books are all kind of dry to read

There are some books that one needs to read because ‘everyone else’ reads them - this gives us a common reference. And there may be hope for an easier to read book - shows an updated (4th) edition of How to Brew officially available June 1st. Previews suggest it’s a major update.

Perhaps a good Father’s Day gift for that homebrewing dad?

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