Brewing second batch used hydrometer need answers

so i just got done brewing a chinook ipa with a og of 1053 i am only reading 1043 on the hydrometer. temp. of the sample is 60 as close as i can read . so do you think there is a problem. my first brew i didn’t have one so this is my first reading with a hydrometer. any help would be appreciated. my test tub with the sample in is not full to the top does that matter.

As long as the hydrometer is floating, the reading should be accurate. Extract or All Grain?

Did you add water after the boil to achieve 5 gallons?

yes i added water the 2 gals then poured in the wort then more to top of to 5 gals.

you hyrdrometer sample was probably just diluted with more water than wort. It’s really difficult to mix them 100%. This is a common problem for extract brewers, but it wont harm the beer.

If you ended with exactly 5 gallons, and used all the extract, your OG was 1.053

how do i know that it’s 1053

assuming you bought a kit with instructions.

extract contains a set amount of sugar, and sugar doesn’t boil off. so if you had enough sugar for 5 gallons to reach 1.053, and hit your target volume - then math tells us it has to be 1.053.

unless somehow you didn’t use all the extract, or ended with more than 5 gallons. then you OG will be what the kit predicts.

It’s an extremely common problem and thread topic from extract brewers. I’d say 9 times out of 10 the problem is a diluted or concentrated hydrometer sample. the other culprits are ending with more than 5 gallons, or using less extract than the kit intends

thanks s. scoggin for the answer to my question. yes i i used all the extract and ended with 5 gal. hey thanks again

no problem. happy to help

it wont harm the final product. fermentation will mix the water and wort better than you (or anyone) can.

hope it turns out well. happy brewing :cheers: