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Brewing question?

How long can beer stay in the primary fermenter at 38f. The reason I am asking is I went to reach for my Co2 regulator an it fell an busted up the psi gauge an now it not usable. But this coming Friday I am going to order another one an I just wanting to know if my beer which still is in primary will last until I get a new Co2 regulator which would be in a week or so. The reason it’s still in the primary is I don’t do secondary.

Your beer has been in the primary for three or four weeks already? Another four weeks or even longer will not be a problem. Don’t worry about the time it will take to get a new regulator.

Perhaps, if you carefully about moving it, you may see an even clearer brew! Sneezles61

Should be able to replace the gauge instead of the entire regulator. I have broken a couple.

Easy at a garage suply store buy a gauge

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