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Brewing Pious Monk Dunkel + Recipe - Church Brew Works - Pittsburgh, Pa

I picked this recipe up from the American Homebrewers Association’s list of 51 Craft Beer Clone Recipes of 2019

The full recipe as I brewed it is available from my website:

There were several challenges in this one for me. I had to learn the decoction mash process. Which seemed harder that it really was. This was also the first lager I attempted. In both cases, everything came out fine.

I grew up in Pittsburgh and know Church Brew Works well. This came out as a faithful clone of the original. Will definitely be trying this again.


I too grew up and live in Pittsburgh. That was the beer I drank most often when frequenting the place.

At the time it opened it was pretty revolutionary having a brewery in a church. It was purchased from the diocese, as you know. All that brewing equipment in the altar area. Good food and good beers.


I remember when they opened as well. It was super strange the first time I went in there. It didn’t feel right. :slight_smile:

If I could only get my hands on the recipe for their Cinco pizza.

Interesting recipe. Must have a hefty mouthfeel. Reminds me of a doppelbock recipe but dunkel abv.

I decoct my dunkel and it’s pretty full mouthed and it’s just straight munich and a little carafa.

The mouth feel wasn’t as heavy as I would have thought. I’ve done some additional research on decoction mashing since I brewed this. I probably could have boiled the decoction longer.

I’ve never made a doppelbock. I’ll have to try that at some point.

Couple of years ago a buddy of mine kept talking about the fantastic dunkel he had in Germany when he was stationed there. He finally remembered the name of the town/brewery it was from. After a little research turned out it was actually a doppelbock. I brewed it a couple times. Turned out really good. My buddy loved it. A bit malty and full bodied for me to drink many. I simplified the recipe because I don’t feel like you should need a lot of melanoidin or specialty malts if you’re doing a decoction.

Amazing after so many trips to the Burgh that I’ve yet to visit this place…

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I agree…doesn’t seem right. But I still plan on stopping there on my next trip to Pittsburgh! :beer:

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