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Brewing on this?

Has anyone tried to brew on something like this instead of building a brewtus 10 system? ... burner.htm

It reads that there are 3 16x16 cooking surfaces, but looks like it might be a tight fit for a keggle system.

I just use single separate burners like this. Just set them next to each other.

The idea would be to have one solid device that I could move around. That is currently what I do, but I feel I could attach pumps to this one. Anyone else use something like this?

I prefer the 3 separate burners. They move more easily and stack just fine behind the door to the garage. Pump on the floor.

There is no way that thing is weight rated for brewing. If you’re boiling, mashing and heating water for 3 5 gal batches, using rough estimates, you’re looking at 12# grain 60# equipment and about 200# worth of liquid. Unless you’d be comfortable having one of your heaviest friends stand on it, I wouldn’t brew on it.

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