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Brewing on the Holiday Weekend?

Bottling Caribou Slobber tomorrow, moving Milk Chocolate stout to the secondary, and thinking if I should start a Hefe or not…with my wife’s influence, I am sure it will be not. :blah:

didn’t get a chance to go to the LHBS, so will have to wait til tuesday. :frowning:

Brewing my Olivas IPA today

Oh, you are in for a treat. I did mine according to the instructions, and it is about the best beer I’ve brewed!

I went ahead with my plan today and brewed an all grain Bitter (the LBS guy thought it might emulate Goose Island Honker’s Ale, so I’ll call it “Honk This”)

I wanted to pitch onto the yeast cake from a brown ale I did a few weeks ago, so when my new wort was cooled, I racked the brown to the bottling bucket, the racked the bitter onto the yeast cake.

Then I bottled the brown (I’ll call it “I Made Brown”, after the Larry the Cable Guy baby character).

Before I was halfway through bottling the brown, the bitter was fermenting away, with the airlock bubbling at a pretty good pace. Blow-off tube is on standby, I’m apprehensive that this active yeast is going to go ballistic!

Anyway, I am flat worn out now. It was a little over 6 hours of activity. I’m kicking back with a Spotted Cow, and going to my NB Surly Cynic homebrew in a little while. Got to find the energy to grill some brat’s now…

Brewed an IPA yesterday. Seemed to go well, looking forward to trying the beer when it’s done.

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