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Brewing on the Holiday Weekend?

I am ready to dough in on a belgian blonde this morning, and bottled an imperial stout yesterday. What are you brewing this holiday weekend?

Does Thursday count? Brewed a cream ale for the wife on Thursday, then made bread from some of the spent grains. A happy wife = a happy life!

Yeah, I’ve been brewing on weekdays lately, too. I get everything, grains, water, notes, etc ready the night before. It works better during the summer since the days are longer and being outside is actually enjoyable.

Brewed an oatmeal stout . . . . also plan on doing a fair amount of “quality control” on previously brewed products:)

Brewed a Bavarian Helles yesterday. Should be a good mid-late summer beer. Next up is a Koelsch… August is going to be awesome :slight_smile:

Monday I will brew my 3rd AG, an English Bitter. I am going to pitch onto the yeast cake from a brown ale, which I will then bottle.
Then we’ll grill some bratwurst. And drink my first AG hefeweizen!

Just brewed a nice light honey blonde last night. Can’t wait to try it!!!

“Pimp Hand American Pale Ale” which is my take on NB’s Tongue Splitter recipe.

Will probably find time to bottle the Dawson’s Multigrain Red kit that has been in the fermenter for a couple of weeks now. Just spent a little time every night the last week cleaning bottles in the basement (think I cleaned about 5 cases.)

Cooked that batch up for a buddy for his wife’s birthday coming up this summer. He was looking for something like Murphy’s Irish Red. We’ll see how it turns out. If it is like the rest of the NB kits there may not be any left by the time her birthday comes around - but I told him “hey, don’t worry, we’ll make more!!!”

Brewing the Dead Ringer IPA on Sunday. Cheers!

Brewing a Cold Smoke Scotch Ale clone from The Kettle House in Missoula MT on Sunday. This will be my first attempt at this beer. :cheers:

No brewing this weekend. Kegged the John Q Marblehead lager and dry hopped the Dry Dock pale ale last weekend. Kegged the Dry Dock this morning. Next weekend will be dry hopping some Denny’s Rye smile and maybe brewing up a Patersbier. Then my kegs will be full.

I am hoping to make an IPA on Monday, I have lots of Columbus, Centennial, and Ahtanum to use up. Plus my yeast starter is waiting patiently.

Today I’m cleaning out my kegerator. Tomorrow brewing a Dusseldorf Altbier and kegging 3 beers. A Belgian IPA, Biere de Garde & an American Citrus Wheat.

brewing a chinook ipa and an innkeeper today

Brewed a Irish Stout yesterday. It’s happily bubbling away in my fermentation fridge. :cheers:

no brewing…

but I am “debuting” my second all grain beer, T-can hoppy wheat, dry hopped with 1 oz Centennial.
should be a good beer for all… very hot here in Mpls today.

Brewing a Surly Cynic, my first partial mash. Waiting until tomorrow … too hot in the kitchen today! Enjoying a patersbier in the meantime.

No brewing for the next couple months, but yeasterday I did keg the Hefeweizen I brewed for an upcoming party, and will soon add some fruit to the Wheat beer I made a couple weeks ago.

Brewed a 2 gallon starter Thursday after work to get the yeast going for today’s brew: 20 gallons of house pale. Got up at 6:30 to get it done early. Also kegged 10 gallons of barleywine and 3 gallons of cider made in January.

Basement temps are pushing into the high 60s here - too warm to ferment in the range I like. So I built a box to hold the five carboys and lined it with plastic to make a water bath. I’ll add ice and/or swap out frozen water bottle to help keep the ferment temps in the low 60s over the next week.

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