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Brewing Nut Brown Ale Video

Brewing Nut Brown Ale

Not sure what this is, but don’t click the link - it might not take you to youtube.

Rick Rolled?

Maybe I’m over-cautious, but first posts that contain links are usually suspect.

Its a legit 30 minute brewing video made by a guy who is either trying to be funny or not wrapped too tight. He is brewing with a skeleton named Lucy the dead crack whore.

I just lost 30 minutes off my life that I will never get back. :wink:

I think it is a strange way to make a first post and perhaps the author should have made some kind of statement in his post other than what he did write.

Well … It was my first brew I pickled for about 10 or more years. It was an opportunity to make a video based on I HAVE THE TECHNOLOGY … so I did. When I first started brewing “Northern” was a fledgeling brewing supply store … much before the internet age. I was a customer that brewed full grain … had kids … and quit because I didn’t want to have boiling beer … little children and too much crazy crap going around…NOW I am back…now creating more crazy crap… I hope you enjoy the Video as much as I did making it.

If you had posted this ^^^^ along with the link, it wouldn’t have looked so much like a spam… :wink:

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