Brewing now; last minute yeast advice?

So I’ve been off the brewing bandwagon for over a month now which is a pretty long time for me. Finally getting around to brewing my amber rye recipe which I’ve had laying around for a while. I’m mashing now and realized I don’t have any dry yeast packages lying around which I thought i did.

So the question: cool the wort and go to the store for some yeast or just pitch on onto some White Labs German Bock yeast I have laying around? A rye amber bock??? The lazy part of me is saying go for it. What think ye?

Recipe is roughly
70% base
20% rye
10% C120 and Special B

No problem with cooling it then running to the store and letting it sit for a bit. I’ve done things along those lines before and it’s fine.

I’m not sure what using the bock yeast would do flavor wise, but that may be fine, as well.

Depends… you say you have not brewed in a while… Is the german Bock yeast old? If it is a relatively old liquid yeast (and you have no starter - which is a pretty big no-no with lager yeast…) I would go get the dry yeast and use that.

I think you are setting yourself up for a sluggish/poor fermentation pitching a single vial of (Possibly) old lager yeast, with no starter.

If the bock yeast is reasonably fresh and you have a big cake, sure, make another lager if you don’t want to go to the store and are willing to wait out a lagering period. But I chill, get the wort into the fermenter with an airlock, and pitch hours later sometimes - not an issue - and would rather have beer faster in exchange for a quick trip to the LHBS for some US-05.

I guess it hasn’t been that long because I have the bock yeast still sitting in primary of a Brooklyn lager I brewed just a little over a month ago. Obviously there is enough of it, but it has been inactive for a few weeks now. I have no worries about cooling and waiting, I’ve done that plenty of times, I was more wondering about the idea of using this yeast for this ale recipe.

Hmm, we’ll see. Faster turn around would be nice.