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Brewing NA beer using White House Honey Ale 1 gallon batch

Ok, so I’ve read some info on the web about making NA beer by heating the finished batch to cook off most of the alcohol. The aftermath is that it ends up being a little bitter.

I’m going to try to accomplish this with a 1 gallon batch of White House Honey Ale. The purpose of this is to make a NA batch for a buddy of mine who doesn’t drink alcohol, but still enjoys the taste of a hearty beer.

One way I’ve heard of when trying to offset the bitterness of the hops is by cutting the hop volume in half during the initial boiling period. Then when it is cooked the 2nd time to burn off the alcohol, it should theoretically get the hops right around where they would be as if I was brewing a normal batch. Also, is there a way to compensate for the loss of aroma that will happen during the 2nd cook process?

Feel free to offer suggestions for this process. It’s a 1 gallon batch, so I’m trying to make this taste as close to the real thing as possible, just without the alcohol.

Last Fall I neutered parts of 4 batches for a friend by heating and holding at 170* for 1/2 hour. I’m not sure where you read about it increasing the bitterness, but that has not been my experience. And it really doesn’t make sense unless you are heating it too high and evaporating water. You will most likely lose hop aroma though, so people will sometimes add back aroma hops post neutering. I didn’t, but all 4 batches I did it on were malty, nonhoppy beers.

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