Brewing my first lager

I’m brewing it with 2 other brewers, we somehow got a hold of a bag of pilsner malt so we’re going to use some of it, i wanted to go with something more special and unique(compared to a dunkel) so i offered to brew a schwarzbier, a smoked rye schwarzbier to be exact and this is the recipe i came up with:

for 25L batch:
3.030 kg pilsner malt - about 45%
1 kg munich malt type 1 - about 15%
1 kg german rauch malt - about 15%
1 kg rye malt - about 15%
0.34 kg chocolate wheat malt(400L) - about 5%
0.33 carabohemian malt(78L) - about 5%

Mash: 60 min. @ 152F

Boil: 60 min.

Hops: 30 gr saphir(5,2%) @ 60 min.
30 gr saaz (3.3%) @ 20 min.

Yeast: dry fermentis lager yeast.

what do you think?

If the yeast is S-23, go get a different yeast.


I haven’t pumped this recipe into my brewing software yet, but my gut is telling me that maybe you should cut back a little bit on the chocolate wheat. Maybe. Think about it. If you’re like me, then for a schwarzbier you want enough dark malt to where it darkens the beer, without adding a huge amount of roasted flavor, but just enough that you know that it’s there.

That’s a good one!

Or you could use Sinamar. It was invented for darkening schwarzbier.

well, i do want some flavor from the dark malt, not just colour, the chocolate wheat suposed to be without husk so it’s smoother, i don’t have de-husked carafa 3, is it too much?

Nevermind, my gut was wrong. I just ran the numbers and this looks like it will be a very tasty brew that I would love. Color will be about 20 SRM, a dark brown, so that’s fine for a schwarzbier. In fact, if you want to get it even darker, maybe even take it up to 0.5 kg chocolate wheat. I was wrong. Whatever amount of dark malt you use, it will be great. It’s true that with the huskless chocolate wheat, it won’t be harsh.

Enjoy it.

Thanks a lot for the feedback, i think we’ll use the original proportions, the most important thing here is balance, especially because there are also rye and smoked malts in here and i want enough pilsner malt to be the backbone of the beer, maybe we’ll use a a bit darker caramel malt like munton’s 95L