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Brewing lulz

Saw this and thought it was funny though I would make some changes: I’d switch the what my mom thinks and what I think and I’d change the actual to scrubbing and cleaning a giant pile of stuff.

I find this funny.

As do I. And yes, I’m stealing it! :cheers:

Awesome, I agree


So true!

Brewing is ALL of those things! 8)

I’d change “friends” to “wife”

I gave up trying to talk to non-brewing types a long time ago. Today is a perfect example, got a new tool in the mail today and it was sitting on my desk. “What is this thing?” … “It’s a brix refractometer (blank stare) … um, you use it to test the gravity of your wort (head tilt) … uh, you use it to tell what the abv of your brew will turn out to be (confused groan) … oh hell, its a beer thingy.” “Ooooohhhh, why didn’t you just say that?” facepalm

Funny stuff!

I convinced my coworkers that I’m “eccentric” years ago. I’m heavily tattooed, ride a bike to work, listen to techno while working, brew beer and love to fish. Strange items dropped off by the UPS guy rarely attract any attention.

I stole this from the antipunk.
Might as well spread it across the interwebz.
Ya’ll can sub in the forum pic for the NB site. :lol:


HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh that one is even better!

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