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Brewing lessons

City Brew Tours is giving beer brewing lessons via Zoom. Seems like a good idea to help them stay alive during the pandemic


Homebrewing seemed to spike up during the early days of the pandemic…I wonder if that persisted…after declining yearly from about 2014 or so.

Smart gizmo’s won !!

Well i think alot of people originally started brewing for variety. Now its seems like a brewery on every block. The first thing people ask is how long does it take. Ill tell them about a month. Their reaction is oh that’s a long time. Its not like you decide to have a beer then have to wait a month to have a drink


Your on to something there Brew Cat…
Peeps are so impatient… I think too many wanna put a quarter in a machine and out comes their reward… Taking or making time just isn’t convenient… Although this bug slowed “slowed” some down…
Remember when you first got into construction? Me neither… :joy:

Sure i do i was a little kid straightening out bent nails with a rock

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