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Brewing Instructions Help

For my winter enjoyment, wanted to brew the “Dry Dock Urca Vanilla Porter Pro Series Partial Mash Kit.”

As this is my 2nd brew, I need some advise If I understand a section of the instructions.


  1. Put the lid on your mash kettle and wrap it in old
    towels or blankets to insulate it, or put it in an oven set
    to “warm” or “low” to maintain the temperature (make
    sure your oven is not too hot! The temperature of the
    oven should be at or under 156°F). Leave for one hour.


Keep my mash @ 156 degrees or lower (on the stove.)

I’m assuming the instructions list to use your oven as the next step is to heat more water to add to my mash in an hour.

As ALWAYS… I appreciate all the help!

Last pool party I had, folks liked my home brew better than many of the other store brands I had on hand. This one may run off my “yellow” 3.8 beer friends and leave some for me.


Mash temp impacts fermentability of wort; People like to dial In to a very specific temperature, dependent on the recipe, and hold that temperature as closely as possible. Try to keep it over 148, but it’s less critical toward the end. You’ll make good beer anywhere in that range.

I like to play with science too: as the mash progresses, pull a quarter to half teaspoon out and put it on a white plate. Add a big fat drop of iodine, if it turns black or purple keep mashing. If it stays reddish, you can move on to the next step.

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