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Brewing in the US, China, Denmark and Australia

Dear Home

We have a
dream to make a free e-book where we
present brewers from all over that world. The goal is to present national
differences in home brewing. It brewing done the same way in the USD, UK,
Denmark, China, Australia etc.

We are looking
for 1-2 brewers from each country. Our goal is to have as many nations as
possible presented in the book. We wish that each brewer make a presentation

Your self –
Why did you start brewing, for how long have you been brewing.

How they
brew – What equipment do you use

My best
recipe – Give there best recipe away – How do you start to brew it etc.

And what
you wish to tell other people about your hobby.

If you feel
like giving us your story, then we will be thankful

contact us by mail


This would be a very interesting read for sure! How will we know that its available? As for me contributing… I wouldn’t… seems I’m always behind on the activities right here at home… Sneezles61

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