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Brewing gizmo

I checked out Blichmann’s new brew vision advertisement. I would think that would be a great gizmo if it does what it claims. I could put my thermometers away, monitor with just smarty pants phone. Now I am seriously thinking about this upgrade. Sneezles61

Looks like you would need one for each kettle. That’s $300.00 for me so I think I’ll just pay attention when I brew. That’s free you know! :yum:

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See I’m lucky, one kettle for my BIABasket. I like the idea using a probe that doesn’t need tweaking every couple of brews, or having another to verify they are in sync each other. First time or two, you’d verify to get a comfort level. Hey, wait a minute, I saw yer fancy starter jug,:grin: Sneezles61

Well that’s different! I guess! Us Brewers are a funny bunch… we’ll pay extra money for “this” but won’t spend a dime on “that…”


Nice toy. But lots of cash

Loopie, sounds like you pinned the tail on the…. Brewer? Sneezles61

I like the logging feature but you could probably make something similar with raspberry pi.

I’m already apple stuff. I just like that it will monitor temp and tell you when you are close, and timer capable. Sneezles61

The magic here is the Bluetooth temperature probes. Way cool. Utterly unnecessary, but way cool.

To make a BT temp probe, I’d use something arduino, not a Pi. Adafruit has a $30 board that has a Bluetooth radio and can run off a rechargeable Lipoly battery, All you’d need to do is wire a temp probe. I like 1-wire probes that do better than 1/8th degree F. (0.0625C) The Adafruit board even includes the necessary circuitry to charge the battery via micro USB. The battery and the temp sensor adds no more than $20. The real problem is making the case that can mount to the kettle. That might cost as much as the electronics.

$75 seems about the correct price point for a mass-produced, Bluetooth, kettle-mounted temperature probe. Add a premium for the Blichmann name and maybe $100 is not insane.

The data logging software can be done on any computer with Bluetooth, be it a desktop, notebook, Pi, or phone. Anyone who can program should be able to do it. In any event, it seems fun like a fun gizmo, but too pricey, even as a DIY.

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WHOA, you’ve gone to a place I just haven’t a clue… You live up near my place and can tutor me? Sneezles61

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