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Brewing for Memorial Day

Picked up 81# of grain yesterday at the LHBS along with a pile of yeast. 5 batches on Saturday, all 5 gallon (which is less frequent for me). After this, I’m on a two month hiatus after we welcome our second daughter in June.

Who’s brewing this weekend?

I want to, but the in-laws are in town for the weekend and I suspect that it might be gauche to make a huge mess of the kitchen when we have houseguests.

Next up on my brewing equipment shopping list:

  • Propane burner
  • Back yard to use it in

Trying to squeeze in two batches, Denny’s Waldo Lake Amber and a TBD among Mashweasel’s Shakespeare Stout clone, Denny’s Westcoastmalle Trippel or a Belgian white.

I brewed an American Wheat last Saturday as we are expecting our first child any day now and I wanted to get one last batch in before he was born. I know it may be a little while before we get ourselves into a routine and I can carve out 4-5 hours for a brew day. Plus I still have 1 & 1/2 cases from my last batch (APA) that I need to get into as I am running low on bottles. I have had to curb the drinking of home brew more and more as my wife’s due date approaches. I definitely don’t want to be the guy that makes her drive herself to the hospital because I had 4 or 5 home brews after work!

I’m working on a brown ale of my own design this weekend - using Denny’s Favorite 50 for the first time.

Congrats to those of you expecting kids soon. Might check out NB’s “half pint” shirt. I put it on my son when we brew (he’s 10 months old).

Congrats to you on the addition to your family!

I’m hoping to get an Apricot Blonde (alla NB’s Dry Dock kit) going on Sunday or Monday.

… and best wishes for the new arrival! We picked up NB’s Half-Pint baby outfit when our last child was born. If you decide to get one, take a picture early on – ours outgrew it rather quickly. :slight_smile:

I snuck in one last batch (with my wife’s approval of course) late Friday night–Denny’s Waldo Lake Amber. Our first child (a son) was born Sunday morning. I guess he wanted to make sure I was able to stock up before he showed up. My Memorial Day will only include thoughts of brewing this year :smiley:

congrats on the birth of your son.

We are planning on brewing an Irish Red, but I am picking up 16lbs of cherries on Saturday and thinking about brewing a Cherry Wheat as well.

Brewing a Schwarzbier tomorrow night and a starter for bavarian hefeweizen. Monday we’re brewing a Helles, Hefeweizen, and Oktoberfest.

We’re also welcoming a kid in June, so brewed an IPA today and hoping to sneak in a Festbier before the in-laws get here.

Congrats btw!!!

If all goes as planned I’ll be brewing my first American IPA, I’ve done several British IPAs, but not an American: not sure why.

Daughter’s 1st Birthday is on the 5th. Been pretty busy with the two kids (along with concerts and bachelor parties :smiley: ) so don’t have much stashed.

I have a Helles and my Belgian Blonde. I need to get a 3rd on tap by then. I’d prefer my Pale Ale, but that would be pretty rushed. Might just concoct up some kind of Mild.


2-row (or mild malt)

Mash 156


Bitter with Magnum
Fuggles or Styrian Goldings at the end.

My NHC entered mild got dinged for being too tasteless. I guess you really do need the chocolate in there to keep with style. Might go with 4oz for the 5 gallon batch.

WLP002 should be able to knock this out in 4-7 days.

1st Child? All they do is sleep. Brew as much as you can right now before they start walking.
Real life advice. :cheers:

I’ll be brewing a sessionable hoppy wheat brewed with all Glacier. Brewed it last year and loved it. Worth doing again!

Ein Prosit to all you growing a family! No kids in sight for me (although i am considering a brew dog)! Ground breaking weekend coming up for me. I’m going to break in my new Barley Crusher & do my first two all grain(biab) brews saturday/sunday. An APA first, then a wit. Built both recipes using Beersmith. Frickin’ stoked!! :cheers:

1st Child? All they do is sleep. Brew as much as you can right now before they start walking.
Real life advice. :cheers: [/quote]

Pre-walking with the first is scary; then post-walking, you realize life was easy and relaxing and OH GOD SHE IS IN THE KNIFE DRAWER.



I’m brewing Denny’s Waldo Lake, but I’m planning on decocting it versus infusion mashing it. We’ll see how the clock treats me on Saturday.


I decided to take Thursday and Friday off because my 22 y.o. son came in from Chicago to visit. We brewed 22 gallons of Two Hearted ale yesterday. We also racked 22 gal of Irish Red over to secondary so we could have the US-05 yeast cake for the THA.

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