Brewing Documents

Hello folks,

I don’t know about you all, but I never remember the StarSan dilution ratios when I need to mix up some more. That, and I never remember exactly what the bottling CO2 levels for each style and amount needed are. So, rather than continually wasting time looking it up each time I needed it, I finally got off my lazy tookus and made up a couple cheat sheets to help me out. I figured I’d share them with you all in case they would be a help to you as well. There are 3 I have that you are all welcome to:

  1. Celsius to Farenheit conversion (great for the build your own temp controller)
  2. Starsan Mixing and Dilution Ratios (0.5C to 6.5 gal)
  3. CO2 Levels by Style (including dextrose amounts and PSI settings)

I’ve put them into both Excel 2010 format as well as a PDF. Feel free to play with and change them however you like, all of the formulas in there are set for my systems, but the differences really shouldn’t be that big for the few that might change. Hope they help save some time in your brew day and save a few headaches as well. ... BjMkE/edit