Brewing day

today brewing day a death ringer ale looking forward to this brew my partner and i are looking for more ipa beers . been brewing imperial ale lots do like that one . but on the imperial blond ale .we dont like this one so much .the ipa beers is one we like to brew and tweak the abv more .besides the other beers we do brew. me do host a beer party the fourth of june a pre wedding party for my daughter should be fun home brew bbq and pool . haha latino girls in skimpy bathing suit


Add a bunch of hops at flame out, put the lid on and relax, enjoy a home brew or two, then continue chilling ! Sneezles61

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Tropical island? BBQ? Beer? AND girls in bikinis?

I hate you…

Congrats on the wedding! Dead Ringer is a pretty good beer as is. Try it as it is and see if you want to make changes next time.