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Brewing Berliner Weisse

Hello I am looking into brewing a Berliner weiss. But I am worried about the 15min boil causing a lot of DMS? Is there method of brewing this style without having a potential problem’s with DMS?

Well I think your going to boil it again for 60 after the souring anyway.

You can either go with a malt that doesn’t contain a lot of SMM, like 2-roe and wheat, or don’t worry about boiling the wort. Keep away from pils if you boil for 15 minutes, because you can get detectable DMS when you use Pilsner malt. Not everyone can detect it, but some will.

I prefer no boil, though, which involves bringing the wort up to pasteurization temp for 10 to 20 minutes. Keep it under 180°F to prevent formation of DMS. 165°F for 20 minutes will effectively pasteurize the wort, especially if you’ve lowered the pH to 4.5. Do this before souring, and after if you want to kill off the lacto.

@porkchop I’m still too chicken to try that. I still boil for 30, cool and pitch lacto, then finish with a 30 min boil.

But porkchop knows his sours so…

But you’re doing it just right as far as DMS goes! I totally understand the concern with lacto, but at this point there are thousands of micros going the pasteurization route. But there are thousands more that are concerned with lacto contamination. Pick the method that works with your system, based in science. :beers:

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