Brewing away from home

I have a small family gathering coming up and they want to make beer. Would it work to to haul all the equipment to there location, make the wort, boil and cool it and get in fermenter, then wait till the next day till I get it all home to pitch the yeast?

I haven’t tried this yet but if you can keep the temperature down on your carboy while your traveling I would pitch at brewtime. Keep us posted.

If I were doing it I would do a half batch biab then just cool it in an ice bath enough to put it in a bucket to transport and pitch the next day when I can control the temp. No one is going to hang around and watch you chill your wort.

Why not do a “no chill” like the Australians. Get one of the big blue water jugs that are used for camping. You put the wort into the jug once the boil is done, squeeze out the air. The heat from the wort will kill any bugs. When you get home, put the wort in the fermenter and pitch the yeast. There are threads here that explain “no chill”.

That’s what I’d do - you can keep the wort sterile for up to 4 days this way. Should give you plenty of time to get it home and yeast pitched.

I’m set up for batch sparging and don’t really want to buy anything else to make it work. Would there be any problem with the wort in a fermenting bucket for around 24 hours before being pitched? I don’t want it sloshing around in the bucket on the drive home while it’s trying to ferment. I can keep it in a heated garage that’s set at 50 degrees over night till I take it home the next day. And it’ll stay about that temp while driving.

That should be fine

Two years ago I did just what you are planning. Turned out well.
I do have to say though that it was a little bit of a pain transporting all my brewing stuff, but I helped start a friend in this hobby, so it was worth it.

Ya, not looking forward to loading everything up, but I think everyone will appreciate what it takes to make beer. They all sure like drinking it, so it should be a fun day getting them involved in making some.