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Brewing an olde ale

I have this keg of Bret ESB which is awesome if I may say so. I’m going to save some in the keg and push some fresh beer on top. Anyone doing this?

Would you up the ABV then? I picture an olde ale as being quite strong too… I’m very afraid to dip my toe in the Brett poole… Sneezles61

I know some are strong but I’m thinking more of a flavor change. What I did last time is split my pale ESB. One keg I drank one I aged 3 months on the Bret. I’m going drink or bottle 2/3 of the Bret keg them brew up a darker ESB drink some fresh put some on Bret and fill the first Bret keg with some. Are you following me. I’ve heard some people just keep adding to it. I’ll try to keep it under 8%

As in a solera. I’ve never done it but from my understanding it’s a great way to make sours and to keep one around. Best part is if you drink a gallon the next time you brew ferment another gallon and simply add it.

So, ferment completely, then add Brett to a keg? Is there a chance it will carry over, saying, to infect another batch in that keg? Maybe just dedicate the one keg to Brett? I’m very afraid… Sneezles61

You can clean the keg thoroughly no problem. I would worry more about plastic equipment. I’m just dedicating a keg and some tubing. The Bret never touches my primary fermenter

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So, where in the H. E. double toothpicks, is Pork Chop? I hope nothing bad has entered his world… Myself and another brewer will attempt this… I need to get an IPA, and EPA in the line… Then another ESB… One 5-er will go to experimenting with a Brett… I’ve got my toes crossed now… Sneezles61

The only advice I can give at this point since I’m still experimenting is to maybe add flaked oats to the recipe since the Bret drys it out. At least that’s what’s I’m going to try

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