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Brewing an ipa

how would i get a more up front hop character to my ipa?

Lots of late hopping or whirlpool and dry hops.

thanks for the reply but i don’t understand the whirlpool part.

While you can’t do a “real” whirlpool, you can simulate one by simply adding hops at flameout and then allowing them to steep in the hot wort for 20-30 minutes, stirring occasionally, then chilling as normal. You will extract bittering doing this, so you might want to cut your boil addition just a bit if you want to keep the IBUs in a certain range.

should i use the same hops? and how much?

I began doing single hop batches to get a good idea of the character. But you can choose to use a variety, just do some research on learning which hops work best bittering, flavor, and aroma. The quantity depends on what you want, but most recipes use 1oz 3-4 times during boil.

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