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Brewing an German alt beer?

Hello what is the best yeast to use for brewing this style of beer. An also what is the best fermentation temp for an German alt beer?

Wyeast 1007 or Safale K-97 would be two great options. Low 60’s for primary if you can.

I see Omega has an Alt yeast.

I’ll probably give that a whirl when I do an Alt in a few weeks.

If I remember correctly, one of our regulars, JimRmaine, regularly brews an altbier so hopefully he will see this post. He’s a very knowledgeable brewer and I would definitely get his input.



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I recommend WLP036 it’s been the best for alt that I have found Wyeast1007 yeast is great yeast too but it’s almost to clean

Hello! I’m looking to brew using the extract kit (not really set up for all grain yet). I’m loving all the info in this alt bier forum! I was wondering if anybody has any tips for brewing/fermenting this particular style? I know extract brewing is way less complicated than all grain or partial mash, but any tips on fermentation temps and duration? Also, I’ve heard about using a water bath with frozen water bottles to push fermentation temps to below 70F in warmer or unpredictable temp situations. Anyone tried that here? Thanks y’all!!! Cheers!

I brew Altbier mostly in the fall. I have temp control but usually need room since i brew more frequently in autumn. So ill start them under control for a week then take them out to finish at ambient at mid 60s. You can do the same with your swamp cooler. The trick is to chill your wort down to low 60s before pitching the yeast. Then try to keep your fermentation mid 60 for at least 4 or 5 days maybe more depending on lag time. After that you can let it rise a bit but only if you have to. German ale yeast is good but works at cooler temps. If you can only manage mid to upper 60 you could just use US-05 with good results

Cool thanks! I think i will try the swamp cooler trick. I’m almost always home and my basement doesn’t usually get above 65. I’m trying to learn something new or try something different each time I brew, really interested to try out wy1007. I’ve used safe ale 05 for all previous 4 batches I’ve made. Think I should buy a backup yeast in case one is faulty?

I never had problems with the WY1007. But i always keep some 05 around for backup or spur of the moment brewing

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Good call. I bought the wy1007 and some k-97 dry as a backup. Ever had any issues with the 1107? Like not inflating or taking several days to inflate? When I have time to brew it’s kind of an immediate issue. Can’t wait until we’re settled somewhere and I can build a little more supply/equipment inventory

So I ended up making a starter with wyeast 1007 and wort, and bottled after 3 weeks. I used the NB altbier kit. The og was dead on target at 1.052, but my fg was 1.006 for an ABV of 6%. Seems a little high for an altbier, though I love higher ABV beers anyways. I controlled the ferm temp pretty well for the first week, but had a little trouble in the last two weeks with my swamp cooler. Rose to 73F a couple of times, otherwise between 60-70F most of the time. Could the higher ABV be due to evaporation?

Should not. It sounds like you controlled the temperature reasonably well in the early phase which is the most important. Attenuation is a fickle beast. I can rarely get a beer to come in under 1010. Lol.
I would take it as your skill as a brewer!

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I also struggled with low final gravity i curred some of it by raising mash temps and opening my crush. This is where you fine tune your process. There are other things you can do as well. Im sure your beer will be fine regardless


Thanks!! It may be more beginners luck and fear of failure, but I was pretty stoked for sure!!

Thanks! I can’t wait to get into all grain!! I think my next brew will be a kolsch or similar. If you guys know of a good partial mash or extract kit or recipe I will take any advice I can get👍

Recommending you jump to brew in a bag (BIAB) asap


Oooo I’ve heard of that! Sounds pretty cool, good idea! Thanks!!!

Call me crazy but I want to try S-04 in this style, after realizing how clean this strain is — way cleaner than US-05.

Don’t get me wrong — 1007 is an outstanding yeast. But it is also fussy and takes a while to clear well. It sounds nuts but S-04 could eliminate these issues and turn out great methinks.


Wow! Just looked that one up. Sounds like a good choice for clarity and high attenuation and higher ABV👍. I bought a backup of S-97 in case my wy1007 failed me but my starter seemed to take off pretty well. I think I may try the S-97 in my next brew. Prob a kolsch.

This post just showed up this AM…
I prefer a lower gravity… Not much for sweet brews/ciders/wines…
There will be no evaporation with an airlock on, that’ll lower the gravity THAT much…
04… isn’t that of British origins? There are many good yeasts’ to keep you having alot of fun trying out…

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