Brewing a ipa beer but does not taste like a ipa beer

weird brewing different style beers using extract kits they all do come out right nice flav everything nice done but when it comes to brewing a ipa beer somehow it does not come out as a true ipa beer ok it taste good but somehow its not a true ipa beer help can not find out why it does not come out using a starter excact brew time og grav ok and final grav right on

Can you describe the difference between a “true” IPA and the beer you made?

Was it a kit? Or your recipe? What was the recipe?

Not sure what kit your brewing but I noticed that a lot of the kit recipes don’t look like they give you enough hops to make a descent IPA IMO. You can always buy your ingredients separate or just buy some extra hops to add to the kit recipe.

For the best results, ensure you are using between 0.5 and 0.75 oz hops per gallon as a flameout or whirlpool addition, and then the same amount again as a dry hop at the end of fermentation. If your recipe isn’t using that much hops, it’s not going to be similar to what most American microbreweries are selling in the 21st century.

I would recommend trying out a clone kit of a beer you like, then comparing them so you can note specific differences.

well did buy some ipa beers in a bottle at a bar and it seems my flav not the same even my brew buddy says its different our home brew we did buy the imperial blond ale beer kits even did add dry hops at second fermenting but on the end its a good tasting beer do think but not what we try to get as a finished beer

Do you have a good selection of brewing ingredients available locally? We can help with a recipe if you can get a variety of ingredients.

An Imperial Blonde Ale is NOT an IPA. That’s just a blonde ale on steroids really. For $hit$ and giggles I googled it. Was it the Brewers best kit? That only calls for 26-30 IBUS and an OG of 1.067. That is significantly under hopped for that OG.

Like @flars said, if you can get ingredients we can help with a recipe. What do prefer with your IPA? Hop bomb (more flavor/aroma than bitterness) balanced ( a little more malty) upfront bitterness?

My simple solution. IPA=add more hops. For some of us it is hard to add too much. Not hoppy enough? Double the last amount :smile:

I’ve really grown to like NB DeadRinger IPA, with a slight modification of double the dry hops.

gonna try more hops during the dry hop time what i do like it a hoppy taste and some bitterness as after taste would be cool to get a recipy i do all my products at Nb next week will brew a ipa again .but today a zombie dirt ale brew thanks for all the help cheers