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Brewing a clone Gipsy Hill Drifter east coast IPA

Hello I have a question about adding the hops to this recipe it say to add the hops at 50%of fermentation an then again add some more at 75% of fermentation. Now the OG 1.068 an FG 1.015 now if my math is right 50% into fermentation would be 1.068*.0.50= 34 then you take 68-34=34 so 50% would be 1.034 I think an then 75% would be 68*0.75=51 so 68-51=17 so 75%into fermentation would be 1.017 right if my math is right

That’s correct. That’s also going to be a lot of readings and wasted beer. Might be better off adding them after 3 days and 5 days.

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Also, that’s if you can control fermentation temps. The warmer the temps the quicker the fermentation.

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