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Brewhouse efficiency question?

Hello I just finish up brewing a Renegade Rye kit (all-grain) but I notice my efficiency was like 52%. See the grain bill was
9 lbs American Pale
2 lbs Rye Malt
1 lb Crystal 10L
.25 lb Acidulated Malt

An this was a morebeer recipe kit an they had there mash efficiency set to 70% see the projected OG is 1.047 to 1.052 my OG is 1.042 so I don’t know if i screwed up or not.

You can add some DME to get it up

Did not have anying DME on hand

What do you use to measure gravity? Was the sample well mixed?

I use a Percision Hydrometer the ones that northern brewer sell

So it seems as though your mashing was… not as good as it could’ve been… Can you describe how do your mash? Mill your own grain? Sneezles61

Maybe the grains not crushed. Enough.

Maybe next time 10 lbs. American pale.

The grain bill works with my math… I won’t bash the kit, but perhaps it was some older barley? I also wonder about the crush too… that has an effect on extraction… Sneezles61

Did you hit your mash temp and did you crush the grain? How about your water, pH?

That is stuff I never worried about when I first started AG. If everything went well then base malt is cheap, just add more next time. Now I pay a little more attention but found our water is really good without much adjustment. Same mill for about twenty years.

How are you measuring volume. There was more than enough grain. I used to check BG then would know if I had to boil longer to get it up. Another trick if you’re having problems is deliberately brew at a lower volume then calculate and add water after the boil to get it where you want.

Did you correct for temperature on your sample?

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