Brewferm blance ale yeast

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Brewed the NB’s Belgian Wit extract kit on the 27th of Feb. Used the Brewferm Blance ale yeast and now I have a creamy krausen which I have never seen before but from what I have read in other posts it is normal. This is from my understanding a very true top fermenting yeast.
:!: So is all of this going to drop out to the bottom of my beer? I am posting a picture of this just to make sure everything looks normal to ya’ll.

Sometimes the krausen just doesn’t drop. A gentle swirl to disturb the surface tension should get it to drop.

Or just rack from underneath it.

I wouldn’t worry about it for a couple of weeks.

Awesome. Thanks for the reply. I have not been brewing long and did not expect this. It’s kind of neat. I would like to try this kit again later but do an open fermentation and see how it turns out.