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Brewery road trip

Heading from CT to CO in March. Taking I-80 or I-70. In the planning stages and want to make a nightly stop near a nice Brewery looking for input. May start from the Mass Pike to hit some places in Western NY.

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Not western NY but Middle Ages in Syracuse is pretty good for English ales.

I really enjoyed Southern Tier, great atmosphere, live music several nights per week. That’s the only Western NY place I can vouch for. If you come as far south as Pittsburgh I could recommend several good stops. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


OK gonna skip NY for now. We have a family gathering on Seneca lake this season so ill do some stops then. Going to head to Fat Head near Cleveland for lunch then push to 3Floyds and crash near there. In the morning drop down to Des Moines maybe do the evening tour looks like a brewery hot spot and stay the night that will be a short drive day. Next day well do the prairie run to Denver and stay the night I know plenty of Breweries in CO since I’m there a lot. Hopefully pick up a bunch of stuff along the way thats not usually available to me at home. Then head up to Eagle. The reason for this road trip is to deliver an heirloom rocker to my daughter who is with child my third grand.

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I’m half an hour from Des Moines and frequent many of the breweries there.

I recommend:

515 Brewing Co. Facebook

Madhouse Brewing Facebook

There’s also Exile, Confluence, and Peace Tree and many others. Can’t go wrong with any of them.

Thanks. Going to get a hotel and try a couple of them. I saw a brew bus leaves from the bait shop thought maybe do that so I don’t have to drive anymore. Who has the best IPA and who is noted for expeirimentals.

We went to the peacetree quontset hut last summer…gets super loud inside with no soft surfaces :grinning:

I really like Confluence’s Des Moines IPA. Obviously every brewery in town has at least one IPA but you are on the right track with El Bait Shop. Their beer selection is 6 pages long last time I was there.

Another place to get all Iowa beers in one place is the Iowa Taproom. They only serve beer and cider produced in Iowa and they have over 100 taps.

Both El Bait Shop and Iowa Taproom have good food too.

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