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Brewery build coming along

Always seem to be upgrading. But, finally got the time to upgrade my brewstand. Haven’t got as far along as I would have liked. But, my little brewery build is coming along nicely. Still have the rest of the heat shields, toggle panel, temp gauges, 2nd pump, and second CFC to install. But, definitely starting to look like a brewery…

Gonna be sweet.

Look nice, great job.

Looks good! :cheers:

What are you using for heat shields? Air duct metal isn’t cutting it.

The brew stand is designed to disapate most of the heat. The whole frame is coated in a silicone ceramic coating and cured. The vertical heat shields you see in the pic are 1/16" thick aluminum plate. It is double walled and seperated by 8" of dead space. When the four vertical shields are installed (front and back)to cover these dead spaces, it forms two large air ducts which uses the rising heat to channel air through the vents. What’s not reflected is significantly reduced by the air flow. The top plate (covering the area for my MT) is 1/8" thick aluminum plate. The wind shields for burner area is 1/8" aluminum plate. And there is also two vertical detachable magnetic heat shields that snap on and cover sides of MT area. Thin aluminum plate covers my pump and chiller shelf. As well as the pump shields. Hard to describe, but effective.

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