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Brewers out on the east coast

You take care, sounds as though the worst is yet to come… Let us know you made it through safely tomorrow… Sneezles61


Pretty darn windy. We still have power but some places have some problems with the heavy we snow. Worked today but home in front of the fire now having a couple home brews. See what happens overnight

Be safe @brew_cat.

Some wind, a little rain in northeastern Maine. From what I hear eastern Massachusetts is getting hammered.

Lost power long enough for me to lug my Honda generator out get it gased up and powering some lights, connected my little battery pack to. My gas fireplace insert …just long enough to almost feel smart for buying all that stuff…and then the power came back on. But that’s ok with me. Still windy

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We get some wild changes in temps here, but nothing like you folks have to endure out there… CO2… Check… Couple of kegs… Check… A way to stay warm… Check… I know it isn’t funny… BE SAFE!! Sneezles61

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Power stayed on but it did get down to 66° last night. Light breeze and 76° today. I’m on the east coast, extremely south east coast.

Seriously I hope everyone up north is OK. I can see lots of snow on our security cameras in central NY. I can keep an eye on my kegorator with them too.

We suffered through that crap our entire life until retirement. Now I only want to see snow on TV or inside a shake up snow globe.

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Sounds nice but then I realized your talking about Florida. I guess they have a couple nice days there.

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It’s easier to count the not nice days. Too hot in the summer though so we high tail it north.

I’m in SE Pennsylvania; just outside of Philly. No one really predicted how bad it would be here. It took me over 90 minutes to get the 15 miles home from work. Then another almost 90 minutes to pick up my daughter from the local Community College campus which is maybe 3 miles. I went because Public trans was getting delayed by hours and I didn’t want to risk her getting stranded. We eventually lost power during dinner, which stayed out for most of the night, but did come back I think my power was knocked out by a tree that dropped on a secondary artery, a so-called “Snow Emergency Route” that runs through my neighborhood, so it was a priority to clear that. I’d bet my story is pretty typical, but many had it much worse. My brother-in-law was told not to expect his power to come back until sometime Tuesday.

Here’s the really odd thing; the very next day, you’d barely know it snowed. We only really got a couple inches. Didn’t even shovel; by the time we got up yesterday the sun alone had cleared the driveway and street. Around here we’re pretty good with snow, and most people don’t usually panic except for the occasional 20+ inch storms. High winds and wet snow are each problematic; this storm had both. I’d be willing to bet, you could point to a spot anywhere in the county, and there would be a downed tree and/or wire within a 10 minute walk of that spot.

The malls are jammed by people escaping cold homes and using the charging stations for their phones. First World Problems; LOL. You know, we get all wussy over this inconvenience, but it really makes you appreciate how good it is here. I can’t imagine what it was (and still is) like for all the people in places like Puerto Rico who were hammered by the Hurricanes last year.


get ready for a nice snow storm tomorrow! South central PA for me

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Hold on to yer lug nuts! Its amazing how much power the sun has now… Sneezles61

Beautiful today. Flock of bluebirds checking out the housing me and the grandsons built. Walked the orchard today checking the buds. Can’t believe we’re on a winter storm watch. Your right @sneezles61 it won’t be long now

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Crazy. The rat’s tail of that same system came through overnight and knocked out power here in Cape Canaveral…just for a few hours. I was being resourceful (like @tominboston) at dawn, had just lit my Coleman for coffee and breakfast when the power came back on :roll_eyes:

Well I’m in South Central PA and was expecting anything from flurries to 12 inches as all of the forecasts had different predictions. Snowing decent now but the ground is all just wet and cars barely have a coating on them. Was kind of hoping for a snow day to start my small batch series on the stove top

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I even had the day off because they were calling for big snow


Snows pilling up now watching spring training baseball with the wife. I’ll weight out some grain and brew tomorrow.

Threw down the Ofest today plenty of snow for chilling. 18" beautiful snow. Shoveled and brewed simultaneously. Good day

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It sure sounds like a good day! Lager or Ale yeast? Sneezles61

Bavarian lager yeast for this year’s lager series. Made some nice bock’s with it.

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