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Brewers liquid corn syrup vs corn sugar conversion

The mexican lager I’m about to brew calls for 1 pound of brewers liquid corn syrup. My LHBS had none so I bought a pound of corn sugar (dry.)

Anyone know what the conversion is for liquid vs dry ?

This is just a guess, but I’d say the syrup is ~ 20% water. That said, I doubt it would have a noticeable affect on the finished beer if you used the whole pound, it will only be around 3 points higher.

You can probably save some money and just use table sugar…there would be basically no difference in the end result.

That said, another option for liquid corn syrup is an Asian grocery store, if there are any near you. I recently bought a 2lb bottle of the stuff at a Korean market (one of the mega huge H-Mart chain stores) and used it to make a cream ale… and it worked great…in fact, I’m enjoying a glass of it as I write this.

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