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Brewers ipa

Dont have it ready yet. Working on a sort of ipa recipy. Og 1.065 fg 1.016. Abv 6.5 ibu. 57. 2 row malt. Viena malt. Carahell. Caramel malt. Grain bill around 12 kg. Hops cetenial. 60 15 5 1 min. All 56 grams. Dry hop 7 days. Batch size 37 liters.

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I am enjoying the addition of table sugar lately… It just seems to take some of the malt out of the equation, and allows the hops to take center stage, but the malt is a good supporting actor… Sneezles61


Looking like I’m going to have to stop by my LBHS and chew on a couple of grains of Carahell. Other than that, I’m reading a pretty tasty recipe.

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