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Brewer's friend online calculator question?

Hello what are people’s opinions about Brewer’s friend online brewing calculator?

I do like it use it for creating recipy at home and at the brewery. As well yeast starter calculator

Great tool.

It’s ok (which is my opinion of all recipe software). I ended up with BeerSmith because that’s what works best for me for exchanging recipes.

About a year ago, I wanted to understand the math behind the home brewing process. I found that most of the equations are basic math with an occasional table lookup. For some specific calculations (refractometer conversions, strike water temp), I have a brewing specific phone app.

What I had reinforced over the last year is that digital precision in an analog world doesn’t matter enough to make recipe software worthwhile to me. Hop AA changed from 10 to 9.5? Probably won’t taste it. Partial mash efficiency 65% (when 70% was expected)? Not enough difference in GPs to correct it.

YMMV :slight_smile: .


I agree the calculations are the calculations. I ended up with brewers friend because of the label printer option none of the others I tried had that feature.

Yep. Brewer’s Friend complete recipe builder. Using it today.

Index finger calculator here… Sneezles61

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Put all my brewing plans on paper. What kind of grains and how much. What kind of hops. Use a old fashion calculator. Pen and paper. Once ready transfer info to. Brewers friend. See if iam close or right with my calculations. And do the last recipy tweaking. On brewers friend

At the risk of threadjacking…
I use BeerSmith as well, not sure if Brewers Friend handles it differently, but when the tool says to get 3.63 gallons of water; who measures that?
Still, I find it’s good to know what the pure Math says, even if I eyeball the actual measurement.

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It’s just a tool they all do the same thing. Most of them let you try them for free ,see which one feels more comfortable in your hand

Many ways to calculate it well. :slight_smile:

I keep hoping that these will come back in print: Randy - Wheels Of Beer

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I would enjoy the wheel of hops… not saying I have malt mastered, but that equation is very simple… Don’t really care about the color index either!! Sneezles61

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